Oh, the memories …

It’s Friday. It’s nearly vacation. It’s going to be a beautiful day. I want to stay with positive. So, I’m just going to put this Facebook “memory” from one year ago here and let it simmer. I wrote it and I meant it and, unfortunately, it still holds true. Worth the battle??? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Here is the article that produced the reaction:  Wie niet integreert … (van deMorgen)

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Integratie als evenwichtsoefening (interview in de toekomstmakers by M.Vanhee)

De Toekomstmakers

Ze is afkomstig uit Pennsylvania maar reisde als trailing spouse haar Belgische man achterna naar zijn moederland. Na passages in Frankrijk en Engeland is Kristin Keller ondertussen een hele tijd gesetteld in Kortrijk. Tot eind vorig jaar was ze coördinato van het Intercultureel Centrum Leiaarde. Daarnaast richtte ze vanuit een vrijwillig engagement ‘OpenDeur – Kortrijk‘ op, een  groep voor en door nieuwe Kortrijkzanen.”Alles wat we doen vertrekt bij de deelnemers”, zo begint Kristin. “Er zijn momenteel drie deelwerkingen: het ‘Taalcafé’, ‘Thuis in Kortrijk’ en ‘Papier Hier’. Elk van deze drie activiteiten wil de rol van anderstalige nieuwkomers versterken via participatie. Die rol wordt anders ingevuld dan vaak gebeurt via de meer traditionele programma’s die worden aangeboden aan nieuwkomers.”

Hoe ben je gestart?

Ik ben gestart met OpenDeur – Kortrijk omdat ik geloof dat ieder individu iets kan bijdragen en ervaringen te delen heeft. Ik heb de wat ongewone…

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History – repeats – repeats – repeats

“The silent minority”

I stumbled across this article this morning. Interesting. It’s also scary and sad and frustrating, but interesting all the same. Really we could just use this paragraph as a template:

“During the _________ war, parts of America grew hysterically anti-__________. Some __________ were spat at in the street. The teaching of their language was banned in schools. ____ (insert heritage food) ____ was renamed “liberty _______”. _________ books were burned, ___ (insert heritage animal) ___ kicked and _________-Americans forced to buy war bonds to prove their patriotism.”

Will we ever learn? Patriotism … if you’re denying anyone the rights and privileges granted in our constitution, a document that defines our very existence as a country, then you know not why patriotism is. America was built on freedom and justice for all. Of course it remains a work in progress but still. It is for all or for none.

Are we human or are we … something less?

Yeah, I was brought up in a Christian household too (Catholic and Lutheran together, yup!) with what most would consider to be “good Christian values”: compassion, kindness, tolerance, generosity, respect for all living creatures, responsibility for the planet …
These are in fact not the values of any religion but the vital elements of our humanity. What I see being posted around the internet under the guise of good religious values, Christian or other, goes against everything I’ve ever learned. Hate has no religion. Intolerance has no religion. Ignorance, cruelty, selfishness, anger … nothing to do with religion. Stop hiding behind “religion”, come out and play human.
Turn off the television.
Close the newspaper.
Go out and talk to people of every size and shape.
Read books from other shelves.
Make friends with people that aren’t like you …
If you are afraid, ask.
If you are unsure, ask.
If you don’t know, ask.
Exchange your fear with childlike curiosity.
Go open your eyes and ears to the wonder that is the world around you!!!
(ps. This is about so much more than one deplorable election …. are we not more than that???)