From a fan of samenwerking

Concurrentie … I’m so tired of hearing this word.

With OpenDeur we’ve done nothing but try to work with anyone and everyone that is interested in helping new people find their way – whether that be with language or making friends or finding interesting activities. What makes our work different is that it is often the new people that are helping the new people: voor en door anderstaligen / nieuwkomers / immigranten / vreemdelingen … while you argue over the politically correct term, we’re getting on with life-building.

If you really truly put best interests first then you would see that some activities work for some people and others do not. You would reach out to all the potential PARTNER organisations with different projects and types of support to find the right match – instead of closing your door on them. You would also take the dreams and wishes of newcomers and do your damnedest to help them realize these dreams and wishes instead of saying things like “that’s not possible” or “let’s not get people’s hopes up”. No kidding – you would not believe some of the things I’ve heard from those in a position to guide.

BTW, in this day and age, anyone can get a piece of paper that says they passed an exam. However, and as so many of the newcomers are finding out now, a diploma alone means nothing. Where are the people that value life experience and the gift of connection with others??? Where are the people willing to accept the fact that newcomers have the missing key to real “samenleven”??? I know where they are and I will be forever grateful for their kindness, patience, and support ♥

Since you can’t be bothered to come see for yourself, I’ll tell you that Taalcafé is actually social network building. Nederlands comes into play but so do our own languages, our experience and the world and life knowledge that we’ve brought with us to Kortrijk. In Taalcafé and in every single activity we organize, the tapping of that potential is key.

You want to know who our public is? Well, to be honest, it’s often people that get tired of being told they can’t when they know all too well that they can. It’s the people that tire of being told “Nederlands, Nederlands, Nederlands” when they feel that no matter how much Nederlands they learn, it might never be enough. We also get the people that want to be treated like people and not problems.



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