History – repeats – repeats – repeats

“The silent minority”

I stumbled across this article this morning. Interesting. It’s also scary and sad and frustrating, but interesting all the same. Really we could just use this paragraph as a template:

“During the _________ war, parts of America grew hysterically anti-__________. Some __________ were spat at in the street. The teaching of their language was banned in schools. ____ (insert heritage food) ____ was renamed “liberty _______”. _________ books were burned, ___ (insert heritage animal) ___ kicked and _________-Americans forced to buy war bonds to prove their patriotism.”

Will we ever learn? Patriotism … if you’re denying anyone the rights and privileges granted in our constitution, a document that defines our very existence as a country, then you know not why patriotism is. America was built on freedom and justice for all. Of course it remains a work in progress but still. It is for all or for none.


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