Wow. Ok. (from 2015)

“En zo hebben wij besloten om jouw aanvraag niet in te dienen. Het interview is meer een verhoor en enkel heel ‘zwakke mensen’ krijgen de rechten op de maatregel … ”

Ok, so, let me get this straight … you have teachers and engineers and lawyers and doctors and nurses and vets and every other career imaginable sitting unable to work for one reason and one reason alone … (ok, there is a little bit of the “Flemish people tend to prefer hiring Flemish people” going on but still if we could WOW! them with our words… ). I don’t blame the person here locally just trying to get their job done. I certainly don’t blame “zwakke mensen” that need so much more help than I do. But what are we supposed to do? If we work, we learn. If we work, we meet people. If we work, we build bridges and integrate. And perhaps most important to those people sitting at the top making the “maatregels” (btw – that’s the direction this finger of blame is pointing), if we work, we make money which is taxed which contributes to the system which is working to help people out of “zwakke” conditions …
Check out America if you want to see just how well affirmative action works in reality … there is no positive discrimination, only discrimination.


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