Drempels (from 2015)

I’ve been rather obsessed with this word for moths now. Drempel = threshold…barrier/border/line to cross…the thing standing between you and entrance to another world. There’s a lot of talk about drempels here and how they can be eliminated or, at the very least, lowered. The more I hear about this the more I wonder where these boundaries really come from. Who’s drawing the lines, actually? Is it the people being “helped”, in this case the NT2 community, or is it the people (bless them for trying) who are “helping”?

Both, I’d say.

There is a lack of confidence on both sides in people who have minimal language skills. Both parties forget that we’re dealing with adults who, in fact, DO HAVE a complete set of language skills – just not the right set for this moment. Not being able to speak a language is not the same though as not having an opinion or a meaning.


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