Awkward in the news

Anderstaligen leren Nederlands op Café

I MADE THE PAPER!!! If you look really closely, I mean like with a magnifying glass, you can see just the very top of my head. So, I made the paper in words and not so much in photo. That’s ok. I am so not into having my picture taken. How cool to be asked for an interview though – He thought it sounded like a great idea … Thank you!

I’m trying to spread the project. More Nederlands evenings. Game night, perhaps. I need a place where people who don’t drink or can’t be in the same place as alcohol – good luck in Belgium – can feel comfortable. There’s interest in Arabic, English and Spanish Taalcafé. I need to get going …

There’s not mention of the bigger-picture project: OpenDeur – Kortrijk

Check it out if you want. It’s my attempt at doing integration differently. A vision where everyone is involved and everyone encouraged to take part, have their say, make a difference, use what they DO have, tap into the locals’ expertise on the subject of being, well, local, tap into the experience and gifts of the non-natives, trying to find a path for everyone because everyone has something to offer and the more you’re encouraged to meedoen the more you will want (in theory) to do. It’s helping people help themselves and it IS possible even with limited language.

Motivational theory for dummies … uh, I mean for people that don’t think about the role of motivation in integration and language learning, lol.


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