Building bridges

“‘I’d like to be a bridge between their old life and their new life, helping them transition because that’s integral for them in order to feel that this really is their country too now’…”

Wow! No kidding!

There are some fantastic points here. Language is a hugely important factor, if not the greatest in determining whether or not people can truly integrate. What a crying shame that it’s taken a full blown crisis to talk about it like this. How long now have people been coming, trying to learn, fit in, find a place??? Is it guilt now that makes us step up and take meaningful action? Here’s a massive “We told you so” on behalf of all the teachers out there that struggled to get the help they needed BEFORE the current crisis … and a “Good luck!” to all those – not just the new and not just the refugees – trying to make better lives for themselves. WHAT A MESS!!!

Teaching refugees languages


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