50.8333° N, 3.2667° E


Here’s what it looked like from where I was standing.

Beautiful and awe inspiring.

As i stood in my garden, alone with the cat, I had such a sense of the minuteness of our existence amongst the stars in one moment and the total interconnectedness of it all in the next. I stood agape for a few moments and then realised that, in fact, I was not really alone. I heard several clicks of a flash and the awkward shuffling of feet through wet grass. I think my neighbour too must have discovered a newly spun web. No words exchanged – there never are – but a moment shared, we do have something in common. Up and over it went, truly it was as red as blood. Back inside to the warmth of my coffee and the dim light of this screen. Back to being alone. Only, I wasn’t and I’m not. At the exact moment that I stood in my garden gazing, at that very moment across the Channel and across the pond family and friends also gathered  to watch nature’s majestic performance. We watched it together, all of us.

We live on a small planet. Thousands of miles are but a drop of water. If they are in your mind and in your heart, they are always by your side.


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