Missing my house

“the sound of the neighborhood, the garden that’s big enough for snowmen, the kitchen window perfectly positioned for rainbow gazing, the back wall for sitting with the stars on sleepless nights, the small hole in the fence allowing for tiny noses to peek through, big windows for watching sunrise and set – for viewing the clean crisp twinkle of the stars in winter (not to mention the planet spotting!) plenty of bare walls to decorate with art made by little hands, big enough yet small enough, close enough yet far enough away, the front row view of Ilkeston Fair rides coming into town, a downstairs bathroom equipped with window just small enough to be left open 24/7 for the cat, the built-in bunk just asking for elaborate dens to be made, the jazz loving neighbor, the wild jungle flowerbeds made for matchbox road rallying, the imperfection, the potential, the view when walking home from the post office, etc … a dreamer’s answer to “what are the nice things about your house”” …

I wrote this back in July while still sitting inside MY house. It wasn’t perfect. It had serious problems and it held a lot of … let’s just call them shadows. But, it was our house – comfy, cosy, warm, and bright; every room painted a different shade of rainbow to offset the miserable English weather, lol. The comfort of home takes time to build and rebuild. It’s security from the outside world. Now our house is being sold and I am here and I am sad. I hope to say a proper goodbye.


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