First and foremost

Let me get right to the point. I hate hearing people talk about “foreigners” and the they/them/their labels. I am foreign. There are no two ways about it. I live (now) in Belgium. I haven’t been a “local” for more than 9 years. When I mention the foreigner-talk to people making it, they almost always say “Oh, you know what I mean.” – No, I don’t. I’m foreign. Are you talking about me? “Oh, you’re different.” – How so? “Oh, you’re not the same.” – Interesting. So, you’re talking about my family and friends then? Or are they different too? … and it carries on and on AND ON.

So many ideas, certainties, and emotions based on what? All foreigners. Most foreigners. They. And you’ve met ALL foreigners, even just ALL the foreigners in your town? Are they all the same? Are they really so different statistically to the rest of the population?

The fact is that most “locals” have no idea what it means to be foreign: the good the bad and the ugly of it. If I can open just one set of eyes by showing them what it means to be foreign through mine, well, my goodnes, that would be great!!!


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