Bib voor iedereen ♥︎

Proud moment, indeed!
Would I like to be an ambassador for the campaign Bibvooriedereen??? You bet.
As someone who has been a stranger in several “strange” lands now, I have to say that the library in each and every case kept life going. Local information, language learning, contact with people, activities for children … and the million other reasons we should all be getting behind the bib. I wouldn’t be where I am now without the library and the librarians. Respect, Bibliotheek Kortrijk!

♥︎ the bib? Sign the charter: http://www.bibvooriedereen.be/charter.html

EN: “Bibliotheek Kortrijk is where I go to meet and make my world. Between the pages of the books and the rows of shelves I never know who or what I’ll come across, but I always leave there richer for the experience.”


Pause for thought

I took a new job in September. I have to watch what I say. Or do I? If you’re sure that what you’re doing is right and just, then you shouldn’t worry about people asking questions. If you truly support progress and collaboration with your fellow citizens in a meaningful project of community building where everyone’s worth counts …  just saying. It feels an awful lot like a great big show. We can hear the music but our eyes are on the dance floor. Patience and perseverance. Still, not silenced.

Kortrijk, you’re a tough nut. You set a bar, we reach the bar, you set the bar higher: not young enough, not old enough, not nederlandstalig enough, not new enough, not here long enough, not diploma’d enough, not poor enough, not rich enough, not Muslim / Christian / Hindu / … religious enough, not socialist, communist, green, or whatever political nightmare there is enough, not refugee, not asylum seeker enough, too western, too white, too progressive in one’s thinking, too blunt, too introvert, too quiet, too loud … What’ll it be today: too short? Too female? Too haven’t had your hair cut in a while? Too likes to take pictures of trees? Not hipster enough? Not tan enough? Not comfortable on a bike enough? Me???

Person: no more, no less than anyone else in town.

Maybe you should include your list of “requirements to be considered as equal” in the new Kortrijkzaan brochure??? And let me know what I’m supposed to write on my label.